One of the most amazing game for kids and also this game is loved by most of the kids. This is basically a cartoon game but it has so many realistic features.

This game also lacks so many features like when you hit an enemy, there you can’t find any blood or any effects that feels like the enemy is hitting by you.

The graphic content of this game is also little poor according to the violence of this game.

Different features available

Most of the kids like this game because it has a different feature, the voice chats. You can chat with your partner while playing the pixel gun 3D.

Some kids only play because of its unique voice chat feature. Now talk about some bad things that this game has.

Most of the kids says in their reviews about this game is, this game is so poor when it comes to giving coins. This game only pays one coin for every match you play. This is too bad for a pixel gun 3D gamer.

Whereas if you are thinking about buy a gun then it’s cost you about hundred coins or sometimes more than this. Some of the guns kids love to play with but because of high cost they cannot buy.

So now keep this topics side and talk about most important and vital topic, which is how can you restart your pixel gun 3D game again.

Problems in the game

There are so many kids how cannot starts their game again after playing long time ago. Some of the time when you click on the game it will not open. So just simply go to the settings on your phone and delete the play games profile.

Now when you press delete button, everything will delete of this game. So then after that you have to hold the icon of the game and drag to the info option popping up on the screen. And now scroll down and then you will see an option, named clear data, so clear all the data you have.

Now all the data was erased from the game. After that you have to open the game normally. The game will start after that. So now just login to the game with your old id. Lots of pixel gun 3D players face this problem.

Sometimes you get blocked by developers of this game. This is basically happens when you try to hack the game for some extra gems or anything stuff like that.

Then you are properly banned. You are banned maybe for a week or maybe for a month and then in their new updates they give you restart button, so that you can restart playing of this game.

So here is a little problem gamers faces are that the restart button does not work sometimes. This is not a ban or not bugs, most of the players don’t know what it is. So here is the solution of all the problems you are facing for this game.

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